Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Call her Toots

The past few days, Aaron and I have had a growing concern for our daughter. Yes, it's true....Jorja has a gas problem. The poor dear can't yawn, stretch, cough, sneeze or breath without letting out a little 'love'. It's come to the point where we call her Toots Walker more than her real name. They've even become a little on the stinky side. My fear is that she will move on in her life to become the gassy girl in school who will be made fun of. Good thing she's cute!
Still no news yet on the job front for Aaron. He's at least getting some information now on his unemployment-please pray that they get that set up, it would be a blessing. I've seen on the news where IN is in a budget crunch with their unemployment and VA (where IN says he needs to get paid from) is at an all time high of 9% (32,000 people) so he could never get through. But now-we've made contact! I hope this is the start of something good!

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Anita said...

I am so happy you became a "follower" of my blog so I could link to yours! Don't worry about Jorja's little problem, she is cute enough that she can get away with that for a LONG time! It was good to see the two of you at church. She is adorable!