Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!!!

Can you believe it? Jorja is 6 months old already!! Time is sure flying by! She has become such a big girl, and her big personality is starting to show! More than once I have been awakened by little fingers in my nose or strumming my lips. I have to say-it's the best way to wake up. She aways smiles when she wakes up-then talks very loudly-then if she still doesn't have our attention-she will scream. I wish I had that kind of patience!! She is fascinated with faces. She must touch all faces and study them closely. We had a great Easter back at Gra' Soni and Pa's. It's always very relaxing to go "home". Jorja got some new maryjane's and frilly socks and got all girly for the big service. She was so cute! We also discovered a few new things-she's got a tooth coming in on the top gum, her hair is growing to the point where her baby mullet is disappearing, and she is going to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Big dogs only please. The crawling project is coming along slow and steady. I have a video and I'll post it as soon as I figure out how. : )
Paris called me last night to share some wonderful news! Paris has been invited to be a member of the Jr. National Honor Society!!! She was nominated by her teachers and has a meeting this week where she becomes an official member!! HOW PROUD COULD I BE??? Not only is she drop dead gorgeous-but she is so smart! We talked about how excited she was to come and visit and it seems it's right around the corner!
Prayer Requests:
My cousin Emily Sims is due at the end of May. She's had some difficulty the past 3 wks and was put on strict bed rest in the hospital though they are talking about sending her home. She had the same issues that my friend Emily had a few months ago and they are going through exactly the same thing! Thank God Friend Emily has been sent home and gets to spend the rest of her bed rest party at home. Cousin Em may get that gift, but may end up getting the big gift soon!! She is nearing 34 weeks and the Dr is confident the baby would be ok.
One of my best friends has been diagnosed with MS. While this disease is very tough to battle-I am completely confident God is by her side and carrying her through the toughest times. She is already putting herself out there as the face of MS and I feel she will be a complete inspiration to her peers who are fighting the same battle. Please pray for her comfort and strength to continue.