Friday, November 7, 2008

Life is Good!!

Wow-what a gorgeous fall day! You know it's a good day when you can drive your big truck with the windows down, classic rock up and enjoy the busy farmers harvesting. I love it when the stations play CCR, Tom Petty AND Pink Floyd all in a row. Jorja does too. She will have the best taste in music ever-the only child in class who knows who Steven Tyler is and all the words to the song Free Fallin'. Jorja and I got up and started a "ladies day" full of getting mom's hair cut finally!! Then we went shopping and then off to see Dr. Cline for a follow up visit. Dr. Cline said that I am healing nicely and I can finally start weening myself off of my medications! No more pills! (for a few days at least, I've been ordered on birth control b/c I'm one of the most fertile women ever...good in some ways-not so good right now. )

We've been working on "tummy Time". Jorja says "Tummy Time is for chumps". Daddy lays down with her to help her enjoy it more and Lazer totally digs tummy time. He loves his little baby.


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