Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay-I am sooo bad at this!! It's been almost 2 MONTHS since my last posting!! How ridiculous, but really-my time flies! I am currently experiencing the life of a mother of two right now. Paris has been with us a little over a week and while she doesn't require ANY effort in managing, I do find myself worried constantly about: Why does she sleep so late? Who is she hanging out with?What is she doing? Does she REALLY need a boyfriend? How do you enroll in a convent? It is quite a change from a baby who I constantly worry about: What are you chewing on? Is that poop I smell? Why do you have a gigantic handful of fur? Oh no....where is the cat? That was poop I smelled-and it is almost up to your neck...
I cried when I saw Paris for the first time in a year. She has grown up considerably!! The trip up to fetch her was a girls day adventure for me, mom and Jorja. 3.5 hrs to Chicago, being nervous for the two girls to meet, seeing Jorja waste no time at all reaching up for Par like she knew exactly who she was, and finally driving home to meet Grandma and Grandpa Walker. The day was exhausting, but a lot of fun. I look forward to the many adventures Paris and I have planned. We are going to see a few concerts (New Kids on the Block/Jesse McCartney & No Doubt), many trips to the Zoo, Museums, a few camping trips, etc. It's hard to pack a years worth of fun into 2 very short months.
Jorja is deciding she wants to be a blond. There isn't much of the golden locks, but they are there. She's harvested 2 teeth that hurt like razors when she bites down on you, and she's graduated to big girl food. I've slowly introduced her to shaved lunch meat, cheese, cottage cheese, and canned fruits and veggies that she can smash while eating. It sure does save a lot on groceries that is for sure. She is still taking at least 2-3 bottles a day, but has been filling up on solid foods quite nicely! She's completely mobile now too-yesterday I was putting on my makeup in the bathroom when I heard "pat-pat-pat" I look down and there she is smiling up at me.
I am loving life with both girls. I can't help but be in denial that the summer will go by fast and soon I'll be shipping Paris back to AZ, but for now we are enjoying life together!!