Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Official!

That's right folks-as of this morning, I am officially Bethany Anne WALKER!! I know...I know...a year too late-but it's done now and everyone in my family now has the same last name. It feels great and I'm very excited to get my new SS card soon! Oh-and get my new drivers license too! :)

The weather has been incridible and fairly odd. Who has ever heard of 75 degrees in November?!?!!? Not I said the Walker. I took Jorja out for her very first walk around the block yesterday. She didn't care about the sunshine in her eyes-but that wind was something very strange to her. She kept looking around as if to say "WHO DID THAT!?!?!?" I found it pretty hilarious and walked a little faster just to see her do it over and over again. Yea, I'm going to be that kind of mommy. We are hoping to have decent weather in a few weeks so Aaron's father can take us out to get catch the Midwest Fall colors for our first "family" picture. It's not really a family picture b/c we are missing a vital part of the family with Paris in AZ. We'll get official FAMILY pictures whenever we have her here for her next visit. Speaking of the diva-she's doing super awesome in school, she just finished up her volleyball season where she totally ROCKED! She played on the 8th grade team (she is in 7th grade) for their final tournament and is getting ready to start yet another season...the question is wrestling or basketball... because as most of you know she is a local celebrity with her wrestling skillz. She makes boys cry and let me tell you-that makes her mother and I so very very proud!!
Not much else to report today-Jorja is about to attend her first playdate at the park and she's pumped up for that.

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