Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Intro and Updates Since Jorja's Arrival

Good Morning!
As promised, I've set up this blog to update everyone all across the country on what's been going on with the Walker family since our newest addition. Jorja Kinsley Walker was born at 10:39 a.m. on Thursday, October 09, 2008. She clocked in at 9 lbs 6 oz and was 21 inches long. Turns out Walker/Holmes hybrid babies are gigantic. The actual c-section went well. I managed to totally freak myself out before the proceedure causing them to monitor my blood pressure and vitals a little closer than usual. They asked if they could do anything else to help comfort me and that's when I asked for someone to pray with me. Surprisingly, Dr. Cline had everyone in the room gather around me and she said a very nice heart felt prayer. This means quite a bit, but I'm not sure where she stands in her personal faith-so the fact that she cared enough to pray with me means the world to me. A few days after coming home, I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach and a little woozey. I started to throw up and that caused a sack of fluid and blood to burst out my incision and elsewhere. I want every woman reading this to know and to pass the word along that this is completely normal. No one told me that so when it happened I was sure I had ripped open my uterus and was either dying or no longer able to have babies.
Now that I feel human again, and am able to keep food down I've gained about 10 lbs in a week. Usually this isn't the right direction, but I had lost over 50 lbs of baby weight and other weight in less than 2 wks. THAT is not good!
Jorja is absolutely perfect. We spend our days on a schedule! YES! A 3 wk old can in fact be on schedule. This might be totally accidental but we're taking it while we can. She is nursing, however I'm not able to feed her enough. She will nurse about a hour then take about 3-4 oz's of formula in addition to that. She's quite the eater! The past few days we've noticed a considerable change in her movement and in her vocal attempts. She coo's and kicks and plays-Aaron and I stood at her crib for a good amount of time last night before bedtime just watching her. It's better than any movie ever made!
That's the quick version of the past few weeks. Jorja is just days shy of her 1 month birthday-I can't hardly believe it. I will update this when I have the chance to let everyone know how she is and to post the newest pics etc.

Prayer Requests- Aaron was laid off from Eagle Creek Aviation with a less than ideal severance when Jorja was just 2 wks old. Please pray for him to find a job that suits him, and hopefully one to get him out of the dreadful aircraft business.

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