Monday, December 29, 2008

Writing Out Loud-Christmas, The Forgotten Pea and Other Ramblings

Well...the most eventful year of my life is nearly over! Christmas was great! We got to see all of our family from both sides and enjoy everything there is to experience with the season. Other than being slightly disappointed with our church's Christmas Eve service it was all I had hoped to be-but I can't wait for the years to come. Each year, the possibility of Jorja sleeping through the gift exchange becomes less and less! Everyone is asking me how it was-and honestly it was just like it usually is except I had a lot more presents to open and EVERYTHING WAS TOO SMALL! I'm definitely bigger than 3-6 months! And honestly, so is my baby. That's right folks. Jorja has yet to see her 3 month mark and she is busting through the footies of her 6-9 month gear. Oh man I think Aaron and I are in trouble! Speaking of the thumb-sucker-she's got so many new tricks now!! She's determined to sit up soon. I swear she says Mama...I just know it! She's moved on to cereal b/c formula is for babies-she can't get full enough on it! She has a new best friend. He/she/it is funny, charming-the whole package. He seems to be wherever she goes too, which makes her happy and that is all her father and I want. Next time we are together I will introduce you to the ceiling fan. You'll fall head over heals in love with him/her/it.
Paris is doing good. Thankfully she liked all the gifts we got her this year. I've learned I haven't lost my fashion sense in the years gone by which is great news to me. She gave Jorja the most thoughtful gift ever-an embroidered blanket with her name on it and she sent us a great family picture frame with all of our pictures in it. That meant a lot b/c we haven't been able to get family pictures taken since June of '06. We won't get to see her now until this summer so we'll get one big picture then! I can't wait!!
I'm not calling it my New Year's Resolution b/c it's honestly my "New Life" resolution. I MUST lose this weight. If I hear "Well Beth, you did just have a baby" one more time I'm going to scream. Why you ask? Because I had her almost 3 months ago-time enough for me to lose 50 lbs right after birth...gain 20 of it back due to cookies, turkey, cranberry bread and yes...the vice of them all-Chocolate in all forms known to man. This is not Jorja weight...this is HERSHEY WEIGHT! So I've changed the way I think and cook. I've been using foods that I've either forgotten about or just never thought about such as honey. My father raises honey bees and I've never really realized how awesome honey is!! I use it now instead of sugar. I heart honey. I also heart chick peas aka the garbanzo!! I use it in everything!! Veggie soup, chili, snacks...high in fiber, low in fat-what more could you ask for in a pea? I am drinking more coffee b/c Bob on the Biggest Loser said it was the best thing ever. I believe Bob! I drink coffee when I want a snack and when I need more energy. I joined a gym that has so much to offer in terms of workout gear-cardio and weights. I'm going to look like I did for my wedding in no time!!! Well....give me some time. I did just have a baby.

Prayer Request-yes...we are still asking for prayers for the Pinnacle job. They've selected 2 of the three new employees and Aaron is one of 2 applicants they are eyeing for that 3rd slot. Pray that the other guy gets a great job elsewhere. That way Aaron will get the job and everyone will be thrilled.

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