Thursday, January 8, 2009


HEY EVERYONE!!! AARON GOT THE JOB!! AARON GOT THE JOB!! That's right! God works in wonderous ways-it really is so incredible. It got a little tense there for awhile-but here is the complete rundown- Aaron had been calling Pinnacle on a regular basis to stay fresh in their minds. First, we found out that 2 of the 3 spots had been filled already and the 3rd would be filled "at the beginning of the year". Then on Wednesday, Aaron was catching some heat from Blakely's to join the union which would cost some money (sometimes more money than what was coming in) and he was afraid that he would not be allowed to work much longer without joining. So yesterday morning he called again only to get bad news. There was an offer out for the 3rd and final spot-Aaron was not selected. My heart was broken for him, he had been so excited for this opportunity and the idea of staying in the airline business was all he wanted. As unsteady as it was-being an aircraft mechanic is what Aaron J. Walker was meant to be, and it's what makes him happy. He came home early due to a machine breaking down with Blakely's and got a phone call just as he walked in the door...I hear "uh huh, yes ma'am. Yes. Ok. Ok. Thank you." then a loud "I GOT IT!! I GOT THE JOB!!" I'm screaming and crying, the dog is barking-Jorja is freaked out beyond belief. Total blissful chaos!! We stopped to thank God for the blessing and then I finally asked what happened??? Turns out the guy who received the offer was out of the country and not returning phone calls. They waited until Wednesday (the day Aaron called) before deciding to make Aaron the offer. (remember when we were praying the other guy would have something else going on?? Yea??? ) We also found out that the only reason he was not #1 pick was b/c the other 3 had buddies working for Pinnacle in Indy. So he starts on Tuesday. Would you like to know the kicker in all of this?? This morning Blakley's laid off everyone. So Aaron would have lost his job this morning only to have nothing lined up and he would probably not have had unemployment benefits b/c he never joined the union. God is incredible isn't he?
Oh Happy Day Reason #2- Today is the day that every father dreads. His gorgeous, smart and funny daughter turns into a teenager. That's right! Today is Paris' birthday and she turns 13 years old!! I got her gift out a little too late-but she is forgiving. (and used to so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAR!!
Life is turning around for us!

**Sorry for the abrupt cease in photos. Our hard drive took a poo and we can't access any of our things.

Prayer Request-JENNIE IS PREGNANT!! Please pray that she continues to have a healthy pregnancy and that the baby develops appropriately. Lauren and Allie are praying for twins and two hats. (??) ha!


Penny said...

God is so Good!! glad to hear the wonderful news of the job..glad to hear the wonderful news of new baby on the way with sister!!!

Anita said...


I just caught up on your blog, I had not been by for a while. God is good indeed and I am very happy for the new job! As I read through the posts that I had missed, I see we both had a challenging and painful year last year. One that I am sure taught us a lot, but one we don't want to repeat. I am praying for many blessings this year for you and your family!