Saturday, February 14, 2009

Every Day Love!!

Traditionally I have despised Valentines Day and everything involved with it. Gifts are expensive, chocolate makes you fat, and when you are single-couples make you self-loathing. I remember walking on the campus of Purdue University and seeing the chalkings on the sidewalk, the fliers on every post, pole and wall about "BUY YOUR SWEETIE ROSES!! ONLY $50 FOR A DOZEN!!" Only?? $50 in my house buys the best gift ever-either food or gasoline! These announcements always created a heavy heart for me because I was that girl who DESPERATELY wanted a valentine but never got one. Instead I got a dinner with my friends and SEVERAL discounted beers to numb the idea in my head that I was a loser. **Little did I know at the time, that it was the BEST way to celebrate! The minute the red hearts start going up the day after Christmas in Walgreens, CVS and Walmart I think to myself " why do we limit love to just one day? I try to show love to everyone I know at each and every moment in my life. (Aaron my disagree at sometimes!) But today I would like to list the everyday reasons that I love my husband.

1. I love how you bring me a 'treat' each time you go out. Either my favorite Chex Mix or my version of crack cocaine-V8 Fusions.
2. I love how you are constantly telling both your daughters that you love them. You are embedding it in their head that no one on earth can take that deep love away and no one will love them like their daddy loves them.
3. I love how God gave you the ability to create such gorgeous children.
4. I love how you and I can talk all day-yet still want to txt all night while you are at work. We never run out of things to say to each other.
5. I love it when we can take 18+ hr road trips and never once have to turn on the radio because we don't need the filler noise.
6. I love the feeling I get when you come home from work.
7. I love it when it snows for 2 days equalling over 12 inches and you get mad at me for attempting to dig out my car by myself. You wanted to do it for me, and you did even after 2 days of being frozen!!
8. I love how the highlight of our night is staying in, and catching up on our favorite shows on DVR.
9. My favorite part of the day is being in bed with you, Jorja and the dog talking and playing.
10. I love you because no matter what trials, obstacles or heartache life has brought to our door, you have been man enough to bring your family through it!

Happy Valentines day to you all!!! Now, I am off to spend my night with my college girlfriends having dinner and drinks!! I may be married-but it's still the best way to celebrate a day of commercial love!! Be sure to show your love every day.

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