Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 Month Update!!

Happy 4 months week! That's right, Jorja is another month smarter, stronger and funnier! She had her appointment with her new pediatrician Dr. Fledderjohn (or as mom calls her-Dr. Nutterbutter) on Monday. She weighed in at 16 lbs 12 oz's and is 27 inches long. Her projected height will be a minimum of 6'2. Yes. MINIMUM. Oh I feel for this child already. I remember not being able to fit into jeans growing up b/c they were simply too short. She will be just as bad! The shots this time around were just as brave as the 2 month shots. She has been showing her temper more and actually semi-yelled at the nurse. Guess who she gets the temper from? Thanks daddy for passing along that charming trait. The Doc told me things I already new-Jorja was perfect. Duh. : ) She started eating sweet potatoes this week and she loves them dearly. Last night she started singing while eating her 'taties'. (this was before she learned she could gargle them.) Next up-Carrots. Blech!!!

Paris is doing very well though we don't get to hear from her much these days. She is very busy with school and wrestling than is off rendezvous-ing on the weekends. She has become quite the wrestler as I have mentioned before. She did lose her last meet, but it was because she was laughing. She said she loves it and has so much fun that she laughs through the entire match. This of course really irritates the boys she is wrestling and one of two things will happen a) they will get furious and beat her b) they get nervous and she whoops them and makes them cry. Both scenarios are hilarious to me and I wish I could see her wrestle at least one time before it's over.
I am doing great-I've been able to pick it up at work which is great timing! I was given a special assignment to help out with the President/CEO . So far so good, she's very impressed with my recruiting abilities per my director and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Aaron loves his new job!! Despite a rough beginning he has really made a name for himself as well. He is sent on road trips on a regular basis to fix planes that are in airports with little or no maintenance support. He's made some good friends and actually likes everyone he works with!! That in and of itself is an amazing feat!
Prayer Requests:
Please continue to pray for my friends Matt and Emily who are expecting twins in April. Last month Emily was put on strict bed rest, and now she is in the hospital! She must stay in the hospital to be monitored until the twins are born and they have had a few scary moments. They are currently 26 wks and almost had Bailey and Ethan last Friday. 26 wks is just too early for these little guys and please pray that they stay safe and sound in their mommy's tummy until they are strong enough to be in the outside world.

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