Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miracles and the Power of Prayer

It's one word, but it has many different meanings to many people. I for one, believe in "miracles" but I believe in Gods Will more. Today has brought to my attention a few things to mind and I would like to share what is on my heart.
While checking in on a few of my fellow bloggers, I came across the blog for the mother of a little girl who has become well known back home as a survivor. She is such a tiny little thing-but her heart is massive and her strength and courage is even more inspiring. Willamina has been a name that I've heard in passing, and through my home church in Danville but I never had the opportunity to really get involved in what is going on in her life. Today I did. Today I cried harder than I've cried in a very long time. As a mother-I just looked at a picture and lost it. I ask that you all pray for this beautiful little girl. She is in so much pain, and has been through so many trials that I feel horrible for each and every complaint I have ever made in my life. God is working through her, and as I learn more about her I want nothing more than to read the next posting "She is cured!!" but it's not coming. Her life could be described as a Miracle. But this little girl is working for Jesus, and she is not a miracle-she is an answered prayer on so many levels.
I have also spent some time talking, emailing and IM'ing my friend from Covington-Jennifer (Myers) Murray. She has always been a fantastic friend, and her husband is just as fantastic-but I never knew her entire story "post-high school". Jen and Brad are the parents of quads. 4 boys. 4. FOUR!!! They are 2 years old now and are as cute as can be. (Jorja will marry one, I am sure of this) After reading about her battle with infertility, high risk pregnancy and life with multiples you have no choice but to think "How on earth does this woman do it??" Miracle? Or did God have so much trust in Brad and Jen 's faith and love that he gave them this opportunity to have a very public life to spread the Word? I think choice B is accurate!
A couple from my small group battled infertility, miscarriage, and the ultimately a high risk multiple pregnancy as well. They are having twins, but their story is a little different. Emily went into the hospital over a month ago because her body was preparing for pre-term labor. Had the babies been born at that time, it would have been a very scary and heartbreaking journey. After MUCH prayer and faith and hospital meals-Emily has finally reached yet another milestone of 30 weeks and her body is REVERSING it's need to give birth!! The doctors say this never happens, and is himself a Christian and simply put it-Prayer did this!! Do you believe it? I do!!
I have several instances that come to mind of miraculous cures, and people fighting their way through cancer, disease and physical trauma. Instead of calling these miracles-I call these taps on shoulders. God is there just aching to be a part of our lives and he is showing us that we can do anything through Him.
I didn't start this blog to preach, I started it to keep everyone in touch with our family and what is going on. However, I find myself needing to pour my heart out and say what is on my mind more and more in a public forum with the hopes of touching someones heart. Continue praying everyone. Pray for our country, pray for our President, pray for the lonely, pray for the poor, pray for the hurting, pray for the angry....just pray!


The Murray Crew said...

I'm in tears, Beth. Beautiful writing...reminds me of our heartfelt writing of the AP English days.
What an awesome God we serve! He is faithful, trustworthy, humble, powerful, and merciful!

Thanks for being a blessing to me today. So glad that our friendship is passing the test of time.

I love you so much.

Mom said...

Do you really know how proud I am of you? You are such a blessing.

Penny said...

Beth, I am right there with you on the power of pray. my husband and I are joining a prayer minister at our church this week and we will be daily praying for several families in our church. and I know what you mean about Willamina! I have been reading her blog on the caring bridge website since last summer and I too look everyday for the one that says she is cured!!! I just cannot imagine how Will and Kate do it. I know that hubby and I are so blessed with our healthy grandkids. We thank God everyday for that and pray that the one on the way will be just as healthy. I enjoyed your blog today and I know your Mamma is a happy girl!!! she and your Dad raised 2 wonderful women!